Posted by: oconnorfordc | November 9, 2010

ANC Meeting Wednesday!

It’s time for the monthly ANC meeting (the first post-election!). There are several items on the agenda that will directly impact ANC 2B02.

The first is discussion surrounding the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development‘s discussion concerning, Dupont Underground.

There will also be discussion surrounding the P Street moratorium.

Additionally, the following liquor licenses will be considered:

Apex – 1415 22nd Street, NW

The Fireplace – 2161 P Street, NW

Gazuza – 1629 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Omega – 2123 Twinning Court, NW

The Brickskeller – 1523 22nd Street, NW

Marrakesh Palace – 2147 P Street, NW

Should you have any questions you wish me to ask, feel free to contact me.

The meeting will be at 7pm at the Brookings Institution this Wednesday, November 10, 2010.

See you there!

Here’s a copy of the agenda for this Wednesday.


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