Posted by: oconnorfordc | January 13, 2011

January 2011 ANC Round-up

I am pleased to say yesterday was my first official meeting with ANC2B.

As Commission, we ruled on several important measures that impact ANC2B02. First, we elected officers. For the next term, Commissioner Will Stephens will continue as Chairperson. Commissioner Mike Feldstein will continue as Vice Chairperson as well. The new Treasurer will be Commissioner Mike Silverstein and the Secretary will be Commissioner Phil Carney.

We also allowed proposed zoning and historic preservation matters for 2025 Massachusetts Avenue, NW to go forward with the Commissions support. These changes were previous approved by the Dupont Circle Conservancy and will help to improve an important building in our neighborhood. The space will be occupied by non-profits.
I moved to change the hours that Soho Coffee and Tea could serve alcohol from 12am to 2am. This will allow the restaurant to operate on the same page as other restaurants in the neighborhood and was supported by the residents of the building in which Soho is located. I will be submitting an amendment to their current Voluntary Agreement so the hours can move forward.

We also announced the first public meeting for the West Dupont Circle Moratorium Committee. The meeting will be held at Church of the Pilgrims at 7pm on January 18th. More information will follow on this matter.

I would love to hear your feed back on these matters and on anything else impacting you in our neighborhood. Do let me know what is on your mind.


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