Posted by: oconnorfordc | January 17, 2011

West Dupont Circle Moratorium Summary

In advance of Tuesday’s (1/18/2011) meeting on the West Dupont Circle Liquor Moratorium, I think it’s important to discuss the purpose of the Moratorium and describe what is included in Moratorium as it is written now.

The Moratorium originally was passed in August of 2000 and has been renewed several times since. The most recent action taken on the Moratorium expanded the number of DR licenses by 2 in 2008 and, more recently, exempted the Block of Connecticut Avenue between Q Street NW and Dupont Circle itself (this is where SweetGreen and BGR are located).

Past ABRA hearings have showed the real purpose of a Moratorium: maintaining balance between the businesses and the residents who give our neighborhood its unique identity. To understand the history of the Moratorium and the circumstances under which it was adopted, I suggest these two transcripts from the last round of Moratorium hearings as a reference.

–    ABRA Moratorium Testimony 09.17.08
–    ABRA Moratorium Testimony 10.01.08

The current Moratorium is broken down into 10 sections, each describing a particular aspect. A copy of the Moratorium can be found here: West Dupont Moratorium Zone.
Here is a cheat sheet to interpreting the document. I look forward to seeing you at the meeting on Tuesday where we can discuss the best way to serve and support the Dupont community.

Section 307.1 – Lists the total number of licenses available to the area. In total, there are 34 licenses within the Moratorium zone.

Section 307.2 – Outlines the Moratorium area, which can be found in the below map. Note the area from the corner of Q Street and Connecticut Avenue, NW going southeast towards Dupont Circle has since been exempted (as noted on the map).

Section 307.3 – Exempts hotels from the Moratorium.

Section 307.4 – Allows for the transfer of ownership of licenses.

Section 307.5– Allows the transfer of one license in one location to another location within the zone.

Section 307.6 – Transfer of a license previously granted outside the Moratorium zone will not be permitted unless it meets the totals in Section 307.1.

Section 307.7 – Allows for the filing of an application and protest of any license change or transfer.

Section 307.8 – Prevents CR and DR (restaurant class licenses) from changing class to CT/DT (tavern) or CN/DN (nightclub).

Section 307.9 – Section spells out the circumstances covering expansion within the Moratorium zone.  Expansion is permitted but there have to be particular criteria met.

Section 307.10 – The Moratorium expires March 23, 2011.


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