Posted by: oconnorfordc | February 17, 2011

Final Moratorium Meeting: February 17, 2011

With one final public meeting remaining, it is time to finally present some conclusions for discussion. After weighing the numerous public comments received at our prior meetings and through e-mail submission (Notes from the February 8, 2011 meeting are here). I have come to the following conclusions, which are reflected in this draft report.

ANC2B should take these actions with regards to the West Dupont Circle Moratorium:

• Continue a modified Moratorium for Western Dupont Circle;

• Eliminate the cap on CR/DR licenses for the Moratorium Zone to allow for the development of a new “Restaurant Row;”

• Act with immediate effect to alter the boundaries of the Moratorium to exclude the block of New Hampshire Avenue NW between O and P Streets NW;

•Continue Restrictions on the number of CT/DT and CN/DN licenses;

• Agree to revisit the Moratorium in 3 years;

• Ask the ANC to encourage more standardized Voluntary Agreements and take appropriate actions against offending parties that choose to violate their agreements at time of license renewal;

• Encourage the ANC to ask new businesses that establish themselves within the Moratorium boundaries to enter into Voluntary Agreements as a “good faith” act for their neighbors. These Voluntary Agreements should reflect the Public Space Guidelines of ANC2B and should favor closing hours before 1am on weekdays and 3am on weekends;

• Suggest to the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) that future Moratoria be allowed to include and exclude blocks from a Moratorium without following the current protocol of only allowing Moratoria to expand by 600, 1200 or 1800 feet;

• Reassess the effectiveness of these changes every 6 months, by weighing: complaints filed with ABRA about new businesses, the number of new businesses in the neighborhood and complaints registered with Commissioners of the Single-Member District impacted by the Moratorium.

Tomorrow, we will have the opportunity to discuss these options before the Committee makes its final recommendations and reports to the ANC on March 9.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and hope that we can move forward to help our neighborhood blossom and continue to remain the premier neighborhood in Washington, DC.

Draft West Dupont Circle Liquor Moratorium Report for Public Comment.

Still want to comment and can’t make the meeting? You may do so through e-mail.


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