Posted by: oconnorfordc | March 4, 2011

Final Report: West Dupont Circle Liquor Moratorium

After several months of deliberation based on numerous public meetings and comments, the ANC2B’s ad hoc Committee on the West Dupont Circle Liquor Moratorium finally has completed its report and recommendations. The process has been long and difficult but, with the input gathered from residents, businesses and civic organizations, I strongly believe we have produced a series of recommendations that will protect the interests of the neighborhood and help guide the future development of the neighborhood.

Our proposals accomplish several objectives. First, it continues to protect the neighborhood from new tavern and nightclub licenses while also allowing more restaurant licenses.  This is significant because it allows for guided growth in the neighborhood. The proposals also call for the ANC to become more active at the beginning of the licensing process; engaging new restaurants to enter into Voluntary Agreements prior to opening. This, in combination with the fact that the Moratorium allows a group of three residents (rather than five) to protest, will play in an important role in establish strong relationships with new business.

Additionally, the proposed resolution will carve out the block known as “One Dupont Circle” from the Moratorium zone.  This was decided based on overwhelming public, business and Police support. As a technical note, the block itself may have been included accidentally included in the Moratorium to begin with so it is only right it be excluded now.

At the request of residents, the Committee will put forward the idea that blocks should be able to opt in and opt out of the Moratorium. This would allow for a more controlled Moratorium that would better reflect the interests of neighborhoods. Ultimately, this decision is one that will be made by ABRA and the ABC Board and not the ANC.

Finally, we have proposed that the length of the Moratorium be shortened from five to three years. This will allow for a quicker review of the impact the changes have had. From analyzing this at the next renewal period, the ANC will be able to better assess whether to strengthen, weaken or maintain the Moratorium with measurable results.

The ANC will consider the resolution on March 9, 2011.

Without further ado,here it is:

West Dupont Moratorium Report and Recommendations


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